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Aging man Vitamins for sex drive male

vitamins for sex drive male

Vitamins for sex drive male –The offices of sexologists  are full of women complaining about their husbands, who, as they age, manifest various, often shocking sexual needs: the exchange of partners, group sex, the introduction of new sexual technology into cohabitation, the intensification of sexual life, etc. Some of them tell about novels tied up by husbands with women much younger than them in age. It is not for nothing that there is a saying “gray hair in a beard – a demon in a rib”, designed to confirm the pattern of eroticization of aging men. Some of these women, driven to despair by a new situation for themselves, see salvation in the pharmacological suppression of the partner’s sexual needs.

I had to deal with cases when a wife put various sedatives into her husband’s food, experiencing peace at the sight of her sleeping husband. The situation of many of these women is truly dramatic, because, in disagreement with the expressed needs of her husband, the woman feels intimately rejected, does not satisfy the needs of her husband, and begins to fear for the strength of her marriage. In search of a way out, such women feel their complete helplessness, as many husbands refuse a joint visit to a sexologist, claiming that they are absolutely normal and do not see the need for treatment. Doctors and the editors of magazines are informed about such facts by the children of these spouses, in whose eyes the father loses authority, and often respect. They begin to be ashamed of him, to treat him as sick or a pervert. We also have to admit that such husbands themselves are prone to all sorts of unusual antics. For example, they turn to doctors with a request to prescribe sexual doping, because they are allegedly unable to satisfy their wife’s sexual desires. In fact, this trick is needed to get medicines that will allow them to cohabit with both their wife and young mistress.

Problems of this type solve Vitamins for sex drive male

Problems of this type are not uncommon. Some partners most often regard them as a manifestation of the disease, others as a far-fetched pretext for a long-planned betrayal . What does all this really look like? The increase in sexual needs and the manifestation of orgiastic tendencies are inherent only in a part of aging men, that is, they are not widespread and are not a mandatory rule. Eroticization consists of increased interest in sex and new erotic objects, in the appearance of dreams and fantasies of orgiastic content (often fueled by pornographic publications ).), in an effort to increase cohabitation, in the desire to make it more diverse (some of these men have a need for group sex, pedophilic tendencies, etc.). Biological sexual potency, Vitamins for sex drive male i.e. the ability to have a full erection, ejaculation, frequent sexual intercourse, in some men really grows, while in others it does not coincide with desires and needs; in them, on the contrary, its violations begin to prevail.

The reasons for this kind of eroticization are complex; The most commonly observed are:

  • sclerotic processes in certain areas of the central nervous system;
  • various chronic illnesses or long-term medications;
  • psychological defensive reactions directed against the objective fact of aging, attempts at rejuvenation;
  • compensation for worldly failures with the help of sex;
  • boredom caused by a partner , weakening of the sexual relationship with the wife, for example, as a result of her unwillingness to have sexual intercourse, lowering their frequency;
  • the exciting erotic effect of new sexual stimuli (for example, the appearance of an attractive daughter-in-law in the house, etc.).

As follows from the above, the causes and mechanisms of the phenomenon under consideration are extremely diverse. Some are painful in nature, others are psychogenic, due to the relationship between spouses. Therefore, there is no universal solution to this problem; in each specific situation but you can try Vitamins for sex drive male , it is necessary to get to the true sources of eroticization. At the same time, in some cases, the use of medications is indicated, in others, partner therapy or individual psychotherapy is recommended.

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