Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation humiliation in 10 questions

Premature ejaculation humiliation

Premature ejaculation humiliation for a man

Premature ejaculation humiliation Taboos have long overshadowed Premature ejaculation humiliation, which is nevertheless very common. Ashamed of not being sure, of not performing well, premature ejaculators are often reluctant to talk about it. Doctissimo answers their questions.    

What is premature ejaculation humiliation?

We speak of Premature ejaculation humiliation when a man ejaculates too quickly . But what does too fast mean? What is the standard  ? Is there a question of a minimum time, of a number of back and forth movements? In fact, only the estimate of the man and his partner is important: we speak of premature ejaculation if ejaculation occurs before one or the other wishes it. Ejaculation can sometimes occur even before vaginal penetration.

Not having Premature ejaculation humiliation means being able to decide when to ejaculate . It is having the possibility of delaying the moment of orgasm.

Is there a difference between premature ejaculation and Premature ejaculation humiliation?

The two terms are used interchangeably We can also say ” rapid ejaculation “. On the other hand, we distinguish: 

  • Primary premature ejaculation : it is present since the beginning of sexual life and manifests itself with each report; 
  • Secondary premature ejaculation : it occurs after a period of sexual relations where ejaculation was controlled. 

Do many men suffer from premature ejaculation?

More than one in three men is faced with this difficulty! In the survey of French sexuality carried out in 1992, 37% of men claimed to have rapid ejaculation often or sometimes. This figure is in line with those of the international literature on this subject (36 to 38%). According to a study carried out by Opinion Way for the Menarini laboratories in 2012, 50% of men questioned and 43% of women say they are concerned by premature ejaculation within their couple. 

Is Premature ejaculation humiliation a disease?

No,  it’s not a disease . Until now it was not known exactly why some men easily controlled their ejaculation while others could not. Recent research suggests that brain neurotransmitters play a role in the ability to delay the timing of ejaculation. Stress and anxiety accelerate ejaculation without being the only factors responsible for premature ejaculation.

Is the problem of premature ejaculation hereditary?

Preliminary work tends to demonstrate this. But today no study has been published on this subject either to confirm or to refute this hypothesis.

Does circumcision solve the problem of premature ejaculation?

It has long been thought but today we know that circumcision does not change anything to premature ejaculation . The idea was probably to reduce the sensitivity of the glans; this lesser excitability having to slow down the occurrence of ejaculation. In fact, there are as many premature ejaculators in circumcised men as in others.

Are there medications to treat this problem?

Yes, some antidepressants have been shown to be effective in delaying ejaculation. But if they can treat the symptom , they do not treat the cause of premature ejaculation. This is why as soon as the treatment is stopped, the problem returns. Some men find the effect of these drugs insufficient, the sexual intercourse always seeming too short to them. You should know that these drugs only slightly delay ejaculation . The drug most commonly used today is  Vigora 100 .  Recently, the treatment of premature ejaculation in men aged 18 to 64 years.

Are there “little tricks” to Premature ejaculation humiliation? Should we think of anything else? Masturbate before sex? Chain a second report or breathe in a certain way?

All of these things can work, but they have their limits.

  • Thinking about something else can reduce sexual arousal and delay the moment of ejaculation. But if there is no more sexual arousal, it is also the erection that risks suffering and without an erection… the sexual relationship also risks being interrupted prematurely!  
  • Having sexual intercourse after a first ejaculation (either by masturbation or by intercourse) is a possible solution provided you are young… Indeed, we must not forget that men have a refractory period . This period is only 5 to 30 minutes around the age of 20, but increases with age. There comes a time when you would have to wait 2 to 3 hours for a new erection to be possible!
Are there other therapies than drugs to solve this problem?

Yes, and methods of learning to control ejaculation have been proven. But this requires perseverance and repetition of exercises with a partner . With good training, failures are very rare.

Be careful, some popularized methods are incomplete;  the fact of squeezing the penis during sexual intercourse (“the squeeze”), for example, has never made it possible to treat rapid ejaculation . Same for the ” stop and go “, which consists of stopping the movements when the man feels the excitement coming, while the man is having trouble anticipating the moment. 


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