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How to lower sex drive instantly

How to lower sex drive instantly

How to lower sex drive instantly Answered the questions of radio “Sputnik” about the decrease in sexual desire

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Decrease sex Drive

– Curious time … at first we were worried that teenagers start having sex too early, now we are worried about them, because they often refuse sex ? – Where did this trend come from: the refusal of young people from sex? That again the West is to blame? Or is that how nature dictates? Or is technological progress to blame, for which not everyone is already keeping up? – What do the doctors-specialists say, is the refusal of the younger generation from sex a problem? How serious can the consequences be? For a single country, for the world? – Are there any studies known about the refusal of sex, not only for young people, but also for older generations? What excuses do they justify when they convince them that they are not up to sex?

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– On the other hand, why have sex, why “make” children, when a new generation can be obtained from test tubes? Could this be what it all comes down to? And the results can be programmed: skin color, eyes, hair… height, shape…

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— Researchers say that young people have a lot of alternatives to sex. According to your estimates, observations – what could it be?
– Experts say that the establishment of intimacy in a couple is based on such important qualities as acceptance, trust, openness, which implies a certain vulnerability. Maybe they just don’t want to be vulnerable? Independent? In order not to “waste nerves”?

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Do you think there is a need for some kind of state-wide program that would help young people develop a healthy attitude towards How to lower sex drive instantly ?

Answers – soon on radio “Sputnik“. I’ll try to post a recording later. What do you think? Write to me on social networks. I will be glad to hear your opinion.