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How to get Abortion pills via Mail

Abortion pills via Mail

Medical abortion is one of the most gentle ways to terminate a pregnancy. It carries almost no reproductive health risks, is highly effective and has a small list of side effects, but in any case, you need to resort to this method after a deliberate decision, because any termination of pregnancy is stressful for the body. The procedure involves taking special pills for abortion at the earliest possible time – up to 6 weeks. Abortion pills block the action of progesterone (a hormone responsible for the growth and development of the fetus) and cause uterine contractions to help the fetus out. Today on the pharmaceutical market there are several preparations for abortion pills for short periods.

Where to buy abortion pills

So, all of the above drugs are certified by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Canada, contain the same active ingredients, and are distinguished by a proven efficiency of about 90-99%. These medicines can be used for abortion pills. These drugs are not freely available in pharmacies.

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Original, effective and safe medicines are supplied only to medical institutions: private and public clinics with a valid license to provide obstetrics and gynecology services. You can take abortion pills only under the supervision of a gynecologist . Usually, a complex procedure includes an ultrasound to determine the gestational age before and after taking the drugs. The first is carried out to control the duration of pregnancy and the place of attachment of the fetus, since pill abortion is not allowed for ectopic pregnancy and a period of more than 6 weeks. A control ultrasound on the 10-14th day after taking the drug with the active substance mifepristone is mandatory. It helps to control the effectiveness of the abortion. It is also important to prescribe medications that stop side effects, and general monitoring of the patient’s condition.

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