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How to high sex drive in women and men?

high sex drive in women

High sex drive in women and man in marriage 

High sex drive in women As much as the spouses need. After all, it depends on the sexual constitution (temperament), which a sexologist can help determine.

When do couples usually chill in bed? What stages does the family go through sexually?

A gradual decrease in attraction is observed after a few months. Nature seems to switch pregnancy to new roles, the roles of parents . Over time, you need to learn to know each other better so that hormonal intoxication is offset by the quality of the relationship. How successfully both will take care of the relationship depends on how successfully they will be able to overcome the planned crises.

What causes intimate problems between husband and wife and how to high sex drive in women? Is the intimate life of a couple really a mirror of their relationship?

There are many reasons, from hormonal imbalance and various diseases, to psychological mismatch. The solution or treatment depends on the cause. That is why intimate issues are dealt with by a sexologist , who is competent both in the field of psychology and in the field of somatic health. Intimate life, indeed, is usually a marker of well-being. But even here there may be exceptions in the form of neurotic love.

 How to diversify intimate life in marriage, avoid sexual boredom, so that intimacy does not become a habit, a duty?

It is important to remember not only positions, but also emotions. We need to invite each other on dates . Don’t become a fully read book. We need to grow and develop high sex drive in women. You need to make time for relationships.

Why does this happen, spouses love each other, but there is no longer a spark of passion, they don’t get pleasure from sex. Are love and sex different concepts? What can be done?

You can love the Motherland, and ice cream, and mother, and daughter. But sexual love is already an inter-gender relationship. Half of my patients, when they come in for lack of sex, say they love each other. And it’s true in its own way. But love is kindred, brotherly-sisterly. And intimate relationships need to be looked after. All life.

Sexual boredom pushes many men to regular trips to nightclubs, what should wives do in this case?

You need to stop, put things off. And not also going to clubs, but recreating relationships. Again. After all, if a man does not respect a woman, does not see a woman in her, there is almost no family, as such.

Sexologists advise role-playing games such as “nurse-patient”, “housekeeper”, “vampire” to awaken a relationship that has cooled down. And if the wife is shy or she doesn’t like it at all, what can a sexologist offer?

Every couple is unique and the same advice will not work for everyone. You need to try to remember what you liked at the very beginning, and try to recreate something similar.

How to be always sexually attractive for a husband so that he does not start tricks on the side?

You need to know the taste of your husband and match it.

Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the leading causes of divorce. Is it really necessary to destroy a family if the husband / wife is disgusted, including in sex?

You don’t have to bring it up. If you can’t decide on your own, you need to contact a sexologist without delay. And even when the situation is running, sometimes you can help. A divorce without conclusions is not only unprofitable, but can also lead to new divorces. And children suffer.

If the husband insists on intimacy, but the wife does not want to, high sex drive in women does she need to give in so that he does not go “to the left”? Or should you not force yourself?

You cannot force yourself. Otherwise, over time, sexual aversion (disgust) will appear. An experienced and intelligent man will not take a handout. Sometimes a man doesn’t want to either. If the desire is constantly reduced, you need to look for the reasons for this decline and correct the situation in time.

Often the birth of children and caring for them reduces intimate life to a minimum. How to be here high sex drive in women?

Under no circumstances should contact be lost. Even  during pregnancy . Often people simply cease to recognize each other as sexual objects when there is no longer tenderness, or, for example, at least oral sex. You need to find time for two, to attract grandmothers, nannies. And do not forget to retire for an hour at least once a week. It is important to remember that if this hour is not allocated, then you will have to devote much more time and effort to finding a new spouse.


Marital debt in bed – fact or fiction?

For some, the harsh truth. Sad and hopeless. After all, as people say, you can’t be forced to be nice.

Is it true that abstinence is beneficial? Is frequent sex harmful to health?

It all depends on the sexual constitution . Any excess is harmful. Like food, so is sex. But with sex, defense mechanisms usually work and the object simply begins to be liked less. Therefore, you need to get out of bed as well as out of the table a little bit with a feeling of hunger. To want to do it again. 


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