Premature Ejaculation

Best men delay spray An effective, spray against premature ejaculation?

Best men delay spray Premature ejaculation concerns about 30% of men, occasionally or regularly, which harms their sexual development enormously. In order to Best men delay spray phenomenon, a spray combining two active ingredients could be used, according to a recent study presented at the annual congress of the American Urological Association.

Best men delay spray

Premature or premature ejaculation escapes the man’s voluntary control, which frustrates him and also frustrates his partner. In some people, this ejaculation can occur after a few seconds of penetration , or even before it! However, some Best men delay spray therapeutic methods can delay it, with more or less effectiveness: sex therapy, relaxation, hypnosis, sophrology or psychotherapy.

Several drugs best spray for premature ejaculation have also already been tested, including dapoxetine (not yet marketed in France), to be taken in tablets 1 to 3 hours before intercourse, which could double the penetration time (see our article: “ A drug against premature ejaculation ”) . Similarly, some condoms with a delaying effect can reduce this disorder. Other patients use local anesthetics, such as, with more or less convincing results, according to the testimonies of doctinanauts on our “premature ejaculation” forum .

best spray for premature ejaculation

A new attempt by the pharmaceutical industry: unspray combining two anesthetic substances, lidocaine and prilocaine. This spray, currently called Stud 5000, has been tested by 536  premature ejaculators on numerous occasions (23,000 trials in all, or 43 trials on average per person in 3 months). They had to use it 5 minutes before the report and then fill out a questionnaire afterwards.

Result, the length of their report was multiplied by 5.5 on average (1.6 only in the placebo group), going from 30 seconds on average to just over 3 minutes. Satisfaction with intercourse was multiplied by 5.3 and the impression of ejaculation control by 6.1.

Results which therefore seem very positive. Nevertheless, these anesthetic substances have some drawbacks: 3% of users say they no longer manage to obtain an erection after using the spray, while 5% of female partners experience vaginal burning.

Nevertheless, these rare undesirable effects could be avoided, for example by advising to use less product. If these properties are confirmed by other tests, this spray could be marketed by the Japanese laboratory Shionogi within a few years.

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